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About M.S. Barkin Company M.S. Barkin Company was first started back in 1966. The company started off as an operation out of a small plant in suburban Cleveland. Years later M.S. Barkin Company stocks hundreds of jewelry styles, many of which are in-house manufactured by highly skilled craftsmen. The majority of the M.S. Barkin Company's general growth can be attributed to its manager. We thank you for your interest. What do we sell? We manufacture an extensive line of diamond, precious, and semi-precious jewelry. All pieces are 14 karat and are available in both yellow and white gold. We fill special orders as well. How is our service? Our friendly staff is available from 9: 00 AM to 5: 00 PM EST Monday through Friday. We do our own repairs so anything you buy from us can always be sent in for prompt repair work. Additional Questions or Comments? Feel free to call us during our normal business hours to receive fast and friendly, personal attention.

M.S. Barkin Co.